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March 8, 2019

Première: HEAVEN & HELL
In April, our upcoming performance HEAVEN & HELL has its première in Gothenburg. The performance comes in the form of a recently established secret society with specific membership criteria. By dint of dead poets and deathless poems, the members explore how they can understand themselves better and by what words they can pronounce – and bring forth – another future.

HEAVEN & HELL is the second, independent part of Poste Restante's diptych about the form and function of tragedy. The performance is co-produced by Skogen and performed in collaboration with Studio Gathenhielm in Gathenhielmska huset, a listed building of great lineage, built in 1743.

The first part of the diptych, IT'S A TRAGEDY, was performed fall 2018 at Hotel Hötorget in Stockholm to sold out houses.

Première: April 17
Performance dates: 17/4, 18/4, 26/4, 27/4, 28/4, 10/5, 11/5 and 12/5
Ticket release: 25/3
Location: Gathenhielmska huset, Gothenburg
Limited capacity. Ages 18+

You find more information about HEAVEN & HELL here.

You can read more about IT'S A TRAGEDY and find links to reviews here.

HEAVEN & HELL is made possible by financial support by Gothenburg City Culture Council (Göteborgs stads kulturförvaltning). Poste Restante's work is supported by the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet).