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March 22, 2019

New performance by Poste Restante and Osynliga teatern at Riksteatern’s congress
In connection to Riksteatern's congress in Karlstad in May, the new performance "The Reason Why" is performed. The performance is created by Poste Restante in collaboration with Osynliga teatern and commissioned by Cullberg. In an intimate one-on-one situation with dancers from Cullberg, faint memories, vague scents and blurred images are revisited. Through the gaze of the visitor, we look back in time to the reason why we are here. Concept and direction: Linn Hilda Lamberg and Jens Nielsen.

"The Reason Why" is performed in late May 2019 at Karlstad Congress Culture Center. It is open to the visitors of the congress. Here you find more info about the congress of Riksteatern, Cullberg and Osynliga teatern.