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Radical, from Latin origin radix (root), refers to describing a person or a movement striving for thorough transformations and reforms.

What makes someone ready to cross the line? When does it seem reasonable (or even necessary) to violate the law? Is it when we feel that we’ve been promised something, and then been let down? Is it when we lose faith in the police? Is it when we start to suspect the motives of the elected? By applying psychoanalytic models of co-dependence on the relationship between citizen and society POSTE RESTANTE aims to better understand our political feelings.

Desperado is an immersive performance piece about devotion, fear and hurt feelings. It is about the end that justifies the means and boundaries that are trespassed. The performance takes the form of a protection program, a discrete messenger that aims to speak to our potentials of resistance as well as urging doubts. Within safe conditions you are offered an opportunity to take a closer look at the relationship between you and society and thereafter formulate your own radical potential.

In Desperado contemporary political theory meet psychoanalytical models for love and devotion. The performance deals with deeply complicated questions on how trust is negotiated and what happens when it gets damaged.

”Are you afraid? Discouraged? I’m waiting outside. You will know it’s me. I’ll look ordinary. Wearing an ordinary jacket.”/DESPERADO

”The fact that the form of Poste Restante’s performances is so well-functioning comes from a pivotal respect for the audience. For the individual. No unpleasant surprises, no pulled pants, always a friendly sincerity from the many performers of the work. And that is necessary for communicating the message, that is, to challenge the audience to reflect upon basic moral dilemmas. More accurately put, to exert practical philosophy – in practice."
-Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter, 2017-11-13


Desperado was performed in Stockholm, 10th of November - 10th of December 2017.

Concept and direction: POSTE RESTANTE (Linn Hilda Lamberg) with Eric Sjögren and Josefina Björk

Veine Bartos
Josefina Björk
Jonas Dillner
Majula Drammeh
Jenni Godoy
Angelina Hammarlund
Linn Hilda Lamberg
Erika Lindahl
Emil Mattson
Ida Mirow
Alvaro Ovalle
Eric Sjögren
Karl Sjölund

Dramaturge: Erika Lindahl
Production/POSTE RESTANTE: Erika Lindahl
Technics/ POSTE RESTANTE: Eric Sjögren
Technics/TURTEATERN: Jenni Godoy, Jonas Dillner
Marketing/TURTEATERN: Therese Jonasson
Management/TURTEATERN: Maya Berggren, Nils Poletti
Photo: Patriez van der Wens

Many thanks to Citycon.

DESPERADO was produced by POSTE RESTANTE and Turteatern in collaboration with MDT.

With financial support by Stockholm City Culture Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Stockholm Country Council.

POSTE RESTANTEs work is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.